Sunday, February 28, 2010


Jesus told me personally to let your worries be in His Father's hands. He said be thankful for today and let tomorrow take care of itself. He said the birds of the air are to be my example of no worries. Yet my anxious heart goes crazy. I can feel the weight of my world and it quite frankly, feels like too much.
How does one learn this lesson of the ages? How does one learn to trust implicitly with a child that has no one who really truly cares for them? How does one learn to let another learn their lessons and take their own chances without getting my opinions and my learned lessons in their way?
And Father in heaven, how do I learn to trust you with my own father on this earth? How do I let you have his health and vitality and wellness and me not worry? This is a big one for me. You know Lord, that I want to be anxious. It is my assumed job. A job that You never assigned to me.
And so I minute by minute let go of the white knuckled grip of worry over to You. Less and less this grasp of control as it yeilds its way to trust and acceptance. For You are to be trusted. You are worthy of my most valuable ones. You are capable and ready. You have proven Yourself over and over again and my heart need not be tormented.
Guide me at what I should do, how to accomplish this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Check out the "Before" pics slide

Over there to the right there is a slide show of some pics of the house before we started. Scary!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't you wish!
What are you wishing for?

The Deck is Finished!!!

There is frost on the wood. I will post other pics that show the beauty of the wood. It is really gorgeous.

So,what do you think?

Deck Details

Our deck has been constructed in the back of our downtown business/home. Living upstairs we had nowhere to sit outside. So last summer we began the process. Built on steel footings it reaches 16 feet in the air. It is 25 feet by 25 feet cradled by two brick walls. One wall is the back of our house with the kitchen window, dining room window and back door entrance. The other wall is of the neighboring business which sweetly is a flower shop! So one corner of the deck is nestled with the two walls. We installed a spiral staircase that climbs from the carport up to the deck and back door.
I have one word to describe...

Looking for a "deck style"

I have never really had a deck. I mean I have had a deck of cards but that isn't what I am talking about. A real deck that grown ups have to decorate from scratch. Now we had an awesome patio at the house on Addison. It was surrounded by trees and fences and it was a little space that I could tuck plants and chairs into with a few candles and lights and it was quaint and easy. But this deck? Wow. It's big and different and a clean slate.
I definately want to grow big plants in big planters and lots of flowers and green. I have that covered. But what to sit on? What to use? What lasts? What is comfy? What is the best use of the space?
Hmmmmmm. Any ideas?

(and just so you know for those of you who read my blog but don't comment all it takes is a Google account. Easy to do. Just go to Google and create an account. I use this account mostly only here. Then you can talk to me!)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Tuesday is a sweet little girl in my Wednesday Nite Out class and my Sunday School class. She is adorable. No, she really is. She will keep you on your toes and let you know when things aren't up to snuff.
So the other Sunday morning I could not be there so I asked sweet Janice to take my place. She reported that Tuesday walked hesitantly into class and swiftly asked "Where's Teacher?" Janice reported her assignment as substitute and Tuesday regretfully sat. After the class was half way completed Janice said that she felt things were going very well. Tuesday pipes up to dash her hopes. "You know, Teacher is a lot more fun than you are."

enough is enough...

Yep...all day long I have yanked things out and put them in a better working order. Feels good. I love knowing where everything is and that it is in it's place. I remember earlier in my life having stuff that had no place and could not figure out for the life of me why this cool stuff would get on my nerves. Then I realized that even the best stuff needs a place. An organized place. Seems like everywhere I turn I have things out of place. Is that a reflection for other things in my life?
Yep, probably. I know that self reflection is the best place to be. I see that I have some things out of order and some things I over do. Somehow overcompensating for all that I have out of balance. Like putting more weight on one end of the teeter totter and nothing on the side that is precariously mid-air.
So balance is the new order. Not too much sleep but enough. Not too much food but enough. Not so much work but enough.
Enough is good. I like enough.
Enough (noun) -an adequate quantity. -sufficient for the purpose. -as much as necessary.
Enough of this.