Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been so blessed. I need more words in my vocabulary. Words that mean unconditional, treasures, fun, awesome, talented, honest, trusting, vulnerable. When I think of my friends (which include my family!) I see these faces and I look up to the heavens and I say "Thank You." I need more words for that too. Gratitude, acknowledge, cherish, sincere. And then I smile. I smile because when they look at me they smile too. They have that knowing that we agreed to love each other and for the most part, it's so simple, easy. Sometimes looking into the face of a friend I remember home. I remember the feeling of relief and comfort. I remember that I can let go and just be. I feel this way whether we are related by birth or familiarity. My family are the perfect representation of knowing and yet loving, no matter what. True friends.

The other day my dear friend Renae came to town. She comes once a year and she reserves a day for me. For me! Usually it's lunch. So we went to a restaurant and before being seated we made certain with the server that she knew we were going to be a long time there. A loooong time. She tucked us away and gave us the space and time to refresh ourselves together. I love the kind of friend (and they are few and far between but I have been blessed with many) that even though we have been seperated for a long time or distance we take up where we left off like it was yesterday. After the food and drink and non-stop sharing with laughter and tears we knew it was time to go. When I stood my legs didn't want to work. I looked at my watch and literally laughed out loud when the time showed that we had been in that booth for SIX HOURS. SIX! And still we talked in the car all the way to her family's home. Yes! Thank you, Renae, for being that constant sweet friend.

And now today is my birthday. I look at the faces of my friends and family in my minds eye and I know my gifts. They surround me like a blanket of comfort never allowing me to be without their company.

Do you know how much I love you? When you read this, you will know who you are. And yes, I mean you. There is no blanket statement here. I think of you and realize that I get to say thank you to you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for honoring me by being in my life. Thank you for being the witness of unconditional love to me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How my house came to be mine...

I should tell you at this point (now that I have shared some photos of my house) the story behind finding this property and how it came to pass that we live here.

Years ago when I was a teenager my family lived on Main Street. We lived in one of the few houses left on one end of Main. My father had a little shop next to our house. My first job was at a little greasy drive in close to home. I would either walk or Dad would come and get me if it was late. Later, during high school I worked on the other end of Main back when there were still large department stores downtown which was before the malls came.

At that time each member of my family worked somewhere on Main street. Sometimes I would walk home from work and stop at a hotel that had a quaint restaurant within. I would have dinner alone and upon arriving home Mom would ask if I was hungry. I would reply with just the appropriate pause "Nooo, I guess I'm not too hungry. Thanks anyway." And then I would head up to my room and do my homework still thinking about the steamy pie ala mode that I had gorged myself on just a half and hour ago. Mind you, this kind of solo behavior just wasn't done in my home. We were members of a large family never prone to eating out or eating someone else's pie.

So, Main Street was a home to me. I dreamt of living there as an adult. As a teenager I was very aware of folks still living above the shops on Main. I envied them. I wanted to move into these places and eat whatever I wanted and watch the birds outside my window and have to go walk my dog in the middle of the night. I wanted that bad.

And when I started as a nail technician on that very same Main Street, it was very comfortable for me. Although so much had changed since I was a kid, I still loved it. I loved the fountain, the trees, the buildings.

We bought a building that had so much potential for business with lots of space. At the time, I never thought we could possibly use the lower level but my hubby did an amazing job renovating that and now there is a wonderful clean bright salon there. We use the main floor for the main business and the upstairs was quite frankly to me unlivable. Mind you, I had been up there when I was a kid and I can't quite remember the reason why I would see it but even then it was getting worn down, unkempt and plenty of repairs gone to the wayside. But now, that was a whole different story. So much gone untended. So sad to see walls falling showing their lathe and plaster as if they were embarrassed. I was embarrassed for them. Knowing that this building at its time was sweet and practical just drove my hubby and I crazy. It would almost scream to us to get in and get r done!

I had a good friend who is an extremely talented and gifted designer say to me "Let the building tell you what will work. Don't make it do something it won't. You will fight it forever. But let it speak and follow that direction and you can't go wrong."

So we listened very closely to the whispers of the building and it spoke. We knew what to do and how the wood would respond and how the walls would look. We knew how far to go and when to stop. When they say the walls have eyes, I believe that. They also breathe and I know that many who have been here before speak to me as well. I love it all. Such richness resides here and sometimes in the quiet of the night or on a sunny afternoon one can even hear angels wings here. We know they are here and they are very welcome.

Sometime I will tell you how my hubby gifted me this is a great story. But for now, I say thank you for listening to my ramblings on about a home I love.

Have a great evening.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My friend Karla is your kudos. Karla is the one who is my blogging inspiration! She has turned me on to this blogging thing and I have only one thing to say to her...

THANK YOU!!! :):):)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Kitties

Friday, July 17, 2009

So much fun...

I have been having a ball with my new blog. What a blast! Had a full day of clients, a welcome cancellation in the middle of the day and out to dinner with my hubby. Friday nite and I am on the puter and he is napping on the couch. Tomorrow is filled with big projects and going to Meg's play and then the rest of the weekend! Goin to the doctor on Monday and looking forward to a complete "A-OK" from him so I can resume all of my normal activities! Woo hoo! Ya'll have a great nite, y'hear?

The Quilt Walk (click on any and see the very large pic for detail of each quilt...Amazing!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What am I doing?

So, I have no idea what I am doing. But I am doing it. I have created this blog called Livin in a Loft. We don't really live in a loft per se...we live in the upstairs of an old building in our downtown. So, others that have lived in this renovated boarding house have been:
and even a pig! (?)

Our life in this building is filled with comfort. It is a very special place, close to work, eats, services, and where I have always desired to live.

Keep your eyes peeled...I will be sharing photos from our house for you to enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by!