Monday, November 22, 2010

My 100th post...

So...what to write for my 100th post?

Being close to Thanksgiving I realize the same thing every year and more and deeper each year.  I am blessed.  I am covered with blessings.  I am drowning in them.  I breathe them in and I can smell the happiness.  For the blessings that I am truly grateful for have very little to do with my stuff.  I am grateful for them, don't get me wrong.  But they are usually very short lived when it comes to deep true happiness. 
Now I realize that I am grateful for good sleep.  For peaceful nights.  For hearts to continually beat inside the chest of those I really love. 
I appreciate how a good movie can change the way I view tragedy or love.  Or a really great book. 
I am grateful when my husband arrives home safely in the bad weather.
I am so thankful for creativity and sparks of ideas that press in and I must comply immediately for fear they will leave and never return.
I love music.  I love how it touches my soul and breaks me open to feel something words cannot express.
I am so happy when a dear friend or family ends the phone conversation with the words "I love you."
I am thankful that all the things my heart holds dear and all the things I know not and all the people that desire peace and health are all in the sweet hands of God.  I am thankful I have learned to trust Him.  Most of the time.  And when I worry it is perfect because that brings me to my knees which is a great place to be.
I love the times when I laugh till I cry and the times when I cry and my husband makes me laugh.
I love the babies that grow into the most amazing people that I have ever met.  Ever.

And there is my 100th post.

I am thankful you took the time to read it.  I am thankful for you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Nope.  Not a poltergeist.  Jim was simply looking for a band aid.  But that is how he left it.

It snowed today.

It snowed today.  I know this because my butt hurts.  My butt hurts because this morning as Jim left to go downstairs to massage an early morning client he noticed that our alley cat Sweet Pea was there.  Usually she doesn't show up in the mornings so he came back to tell me.  He knew I would want to give her something to eat.  And I did.  So I got out of bed and headed to the back door.  I opened the door and stepped out with my left foot and noticed at the same time that it had snowed and realized how slick the door mat was from the icy surface.  Instantaneously I found myself doing the splits.  I didn't know I could do those anymore.  So Jim below had heard the thud and hollered "what was that?"  I remarked that I had fallen.  "Are you OK?  That was pretty loud."
Yes, I am OK (I think) and do you really have to remark about the sound I make when slamming down on a hard slick surface?  Really?
I took my wet sore body back inside and immediately took some ibuprofen.  Starting to stiffen up now. 
Pain reminds me I am alive.  Very very alive.