Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Addition

We have a new guest in the house.  It came in a 224 lb. box and yesterday it was assembled.  It is metal and big and has a backlit display.  It will only move if I move it.  It will cause me to sweat and move if I allow it.  Otherwise it will just stand there looking at me with its stationary gaze wondering when I will make it do it's thing.
It is an elliptical.
It is beautiful.
I am certain sometimes I will think it is not beautiful.
But today I love it.
It is so easy and simple.  I get up.  I put on my shoes.  I plug in my ipod and turn on the fan.  I have my TV remote close in case I want to watch something.  And then I sweat.  And then I can be complete.  I didn't have to drive anywhere or put on my coat.  I don't have to pay a gym fee and no one has to see me on it.  But you can if you want.  You can come over anytime between 5:00 am and 6:30 am and sometime in there I will be on it. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

Because the holidays (definition: Holy Days) are so jam packed with activity and fun I have discovered many events that have gone unposted.  So many that I neglected to even get pics for!  Dang it.  But I want to record Christmas Eve events. 
Every Christmas Eve Jim and I host a Open House.  We always have the house open to anyone who would like to stop by or sit and stay all night if they desire.  This year was fun for many reasons but one being that Jim is rockin on the great room.  (pics to be posted soon)  His efforts usually have a gasping reaction.  This was really fun for him as he has been working like a dog.
The night before Christmas Eve I always put the beans on to soak.  The next morning I get the going with onions, carrots and ham.  They cook allllllllll day.  This year they were especially good.  I make rolls and have sandwich makings so all can make little sandwiches however they desire.  I also had meatballs in the crock.  And don't forget the wassel in the stove!
Then the treats were amazing if I do say so myself.  I wish I had taken a pic.  Dang it again.
Cheese ball, crackers, caramel popcorn, sweet chex mix, reeses bars, easy turtles, tiny chocolate chip cookies, veggies and dip, candies that folks gave.  I can't remember it all. 
That day during prep I realized there were a few items I had forgotten.  Risking major facial responses I asked Jim if he would be open to going to the store.  Suprisingly, he had no qualms about it.  Providing a list and off he went happily.  He also got a couple of stocking stuffers too.
When he returned I realized how genius this was.  Because of my frugal nature I will stick to the list.  Jim on the other hand purchases with his tummy and with generosity.  I asked him to buy another kind of soda.  He returned with 4 liters of soda along with 2 more 24 can cases.  I asked for one bag of ice.  I got 2.  I asked for a package of celery hearts.  I got 3.  And it goes on.  What a hoot.  He was grinning and happy.  Jim loves a party.
Folks started to arrive at 5.  I must say that next year this will be ever more comfortable as we will have the great room to use.  At this stage we were busting out of the seams and I was in seventh heaven.  Family faces, friends with love and hugs and smiles, some bearing gifts, some bearing treats but all willing to share together this wonderful time of year. 
To those who shared this special time with us I have to say a gracious huge thank you.  When you bless our home you leave part of you here for us to still enjoy.  The memory of your laughter and sweetness continues.  May all the world begin to know this year the love I have around me.  I wish that will all the wishes and fairy dust and prayers on my knees and in my greatest imaginings.  I wish all to have the security of the Babe in the manger who with such enduring love set out to make it possible for peace on earth and good will toward men.  For without His love I would fain to judge and harden and worry.  But with it I can love wholeheartedly and unabashadly.  And I am so happy to do so.
Praying for blessings from God to all this coming year.