Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Winnings

Aren't they crazee?


Went to Bingo the other night and won won won. Ammon and Amiah both won two baskets each and then Ammon won the Blackout. He wanted to win that sooooo bad. The prize was a BSU fleece blanket, a BSU DVD against TCU and a sheet cake.
When they arrived home there was shocked faces and some excited kids.

The First Fire

We couldn't wait to light a fire in our new firepit. It was fun and cold and warm and dark and light all at the same time. Smiles on this face.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dad's hands

My dad's hands are one of my favorite parts of him. As he lay in the hospital bed there are a few little things that I notice more than his hands. I see his eyes (sometimes when he is not resting). I see the line of tubes and needles and beeps and flashing numbers. But I see his hands.
When I was little I loved those hands because those large capable hands could fix anything. They could make sure I was safe and pick me up to sit on shoulders. They could open the most stubborn lid. They held tools that would create beautiful functional leather pieces. They occasionally were my regretful spankers.
Later in my life I miss that those hands should fix everything. Now I must fix many of my own messes and calm my own fears. I sit in the hands of God. But as my father is infirmed in this time his hands are so sweet. They are the emblem of his strength. I hold those hands and they hold mine. It feels good. I am there to comfort but instead his hands comfort me.