Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dave's 50th Birthday

My brother Dave had his birthday party are a few slices of fun that happened in the day. Zoe and Hadassah are so beautiful and precious. I think you can see how much they are loved.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scary sight...

My grandson Ammon got to go onto the roof with Grandpa the other day. Amiah wanted nothing to do with it! So up they climbed and I set out to get my camera, go outside and down the stairs a little ways and take a pic. No problem right? Hah. I saw him up there and about lost my cookies. He was so close to the edge (Grandpa says not even close) and I felt my stomach up in my throat! I felt my whole body cramping and wanting to be calm, cool and collected I snapped the picture as quickly as I could. Then encouraging him to come right back in...right now...and we will play a game.

As I climbed the stairs I felt my knees shaking and my hands quaking and then inside I realized the bottoms of my feet were sweating. Too much. Just too much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To the sun...

Dear Sun,

I want to say thank you. Every morning I awake during the dark. As you approach my day I experience something every single time whether I acknowledge it or not. I feel this wonderful washing. With the new day I realize that yesterday is no more. The night is no more. This new day is here and I can grab a hold of it and say "Yes!" or I can choose to hang onto yesterday. It is a choice. When I choose to hang onto yesterday I know that I miss whatever is happening today. Why would I do that? (many reasons...all of them silly.)
And so today I choose today. Yesterday was wonderful! We celebrated Lee's birthday in a very unusual way as we declared her 80! We laughed and visited with many who came and went. There was a wonderful energy in the salon with Karla there. (Thank you Karla!) And I learned things yesterday.
But now it is today. I take it in and embrace it for what will be today. I let go of what is no more and take hold with a tight grasp of what will be right
So, thank you, Sun for the opportunity to experience this new way.
And as for this post, yes, it may sound esoteric and etherial but in my own way it is what I wanted to say right now. So there.
Thank you!