Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jim's "garden"

Jim decided that the two strips of dirt along the next door neighbor's alley would make a great garden spot. So he decided to work the dirt, find some material to hold tomatoes, spuds, cucumbers and squash. So here he is planting some spuds. He is such a hoot. We bought the cucumbers, squash and tomatoes today. Will keep ya'll updated!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

God is so smart. He chose the most perfect Mom for me. I can't imagine anyone who could do for me what she has done as being my Mom. So many have commented to me what a wonderful woman my mother is...and I agree. She is an outstanding giver. She has the most true pure sense of humor. She cooks like no other (and no one can argue with that!). She taught me how to see the world with sensibility and reality. She believes in me. She fiercely loves. She protects when necessary and stands away when it is time for her chicks to learn and try. When one of us succeeds she can't hold in the joy. Her grandchildren called her blessed let alone her immediate family. Sacrifice and joyful sacrifice at that. Pivitol moments in my life my memory turns to look around and there...yes!...there I see her face. It is filled with joy and honor and if I look REAL close I can see those pompoms she must hold very high above her head to cheer me on.
What I don't see are the tears and prayers that are given on our families behalf. She lets God take her concerns and she leaves all those precious ones of hers on His majestic throne to care for and guide.
Did she make mistakes? Probably. But then she taught me how to deal with them. I do not shirk away from a problem because my momma taught me how to face it. Have I ever told you that, Mom? That skill came from you?
My post could be miles long, literally. So I will hold the rest in my heart and cherish those words for me as they are so personal and sweet.
And so today, my heart could not be any more full than right now at this very moment. I am thrilled to declare Happy Mother's Day.
I love you so much Momma. Thank you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have felt so terrible physically this whole week and this morning I awoke in time to see the sunrise. What a gift! I love that this morning I feel like I will be OK and that all is right with the world. I know that everytime I feel so awful it works so well for me in that when I feel better then I can be so grateful. And so here it is again. The sun reminds me that God is at work always and is so consistent.