Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Summer To-Do List

I was inspired to make a summer to-do list from Emily's blog I read today. Maybe if it's written down, I'll actually do some of these things!

1. Knock off three of my books that I so much desire to read.
2. Have a picnic on some grass.
3. Devote serious time to reflection and spiritual quietness.
4. Complete a children's story. Just one. Work on many. Complete one.
5. Get to the gym at least three times a week.
6. Rise early to enjoy the beginning of each day on the deck with a cup of coffee.
7. Be grateful.
8. Continue learning to take a tease. Lighten up.
9. Take a class. Cooking, beading, writing, something.
10. Love on my husband everyday with kindness and play and have fun and LAUGH!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fairy Story

As downtown Twin Falls celebrates the summer we enjoy a concert at the fountain every Wednesday night for 6 weeks. It's so much fun. We sit outside the salon and friends gather and the enjoyment ensues.
The other night Coco and Rachel visited our gathering. Coco is barely 6 and Rachel is "I not free no more...I four. I not free no more...I four." four.
After the concert they decided that going up to the deck was just the thing so up they went and I followed.
I have a special little place on my deck that involves an old standing metal bird cage. I have created a special place. It's a fairy house. The fairy house has many items there including a live ivy plant that is thankfully flourishing after the plastic plants were taken away. There are special stones in and out of the plant and there are also small sweet solar lights too. Along with that is some fairy dust. Amiah assisted me to find the perfect holders for the glitter.
As I explained the special spot to Coco and Rachel their eyes filled with wonder. They stood looking intently for any sign of what most would say a non-existent winged creature. They were very quiet.
I interrupted their study and pinched a small amount of the fairy dust and then sprinkled it on Coco's head. She stood so still and watched as I glitterfied her hair.
Quietly and reverently watched Rachel. She almost held her breath. Out of her came a whispered solemn question.
"Can you fly now Coco?"

Sometimes I get the privelage of seeing the world through the eyes of the wondrous world of a 'I not three no more...I four' year old. I too held my breath and watched this sweet question land to my ears.
Blessings on all who believe in fairies. My belief has been revived. Thank you Rachel.