Sunday, June 27, 2010

The deck is changing...

The deck has come a long way in the last few weeks. Amazing how things can grow and get established. Good thing since we had a killer windstorm the other night that like to snatch me bald-headed. Lovin the beauty and the color. Lovin the serenity (who would ever imagine when living downtown?) and lovin the space.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just in case...I love you.

So my grandchildren took off to Colorado a couple of weeks ago and have now safely returned. They were concerned about being gone for so long and were having a hard time saying goodbye. I know they wanted me to come along and that just was not going to happen so the goodbyes were furrowed brows but fine.
So the next day I get a phonecall from Ammon. He sounded somewhat concerned when he told me that there had been a tornado warning and some sightings of golf ball sized hail. He said "I'm calling to tell you 'I love you' just in case we don't make it. We are searching for shelter now." There was some laughter in the background but I knew that Ammon was taking this seriously!
I asked if they knew where they would go and he said "We have to find shelter. I'll call you when we are in shelter."
I reassured him and told him how very much I loved him and also that there was assigned protection around their car. (I had asked specifically for angels to guard their travel.) I then waited for the next call.
He called a little while later and said "We are at shelter. We made it!" His tone was breathy and relieved. I smiled and told him how happy I was to hear that they had made it safely. I then asked where they were.
He said "McDonalds."
And there you go.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The other night some friends stopped by to chat for a sec and I took them out on the deck and lit up the lights. In the dark of the evening they glow just right. As we stood there one of my young friends McKenzie breathes in as if to say "oooooooh". What she said next made my heart sing. She said "It's enchanting." Yes! How exciting that when visitors come they see what I see and what I intended. I love that together Jim and I create some fun fun stuff. And whenver I am hesitant to give Jim the 'go-ahead' to create something that I don't completely see as my vision I can simply relax because whatever that guy comes up with is always so awesome.
Have I mentioned before that I LOVE my home?
Well, just in case you missed it, I do. Love it.
Come on over sometime and sit on the deck and have a cup. You will love it too.