Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Aren't these luscious?  My sweet sister got these for me the other day at the Farmer's Market.  There are so many they barely fit in the vase and I have to be careful otherwise they will fall over!
I love Fall and all its blessings including explosions like this.  Thanks Dinane!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gracey is one!!!

What a fun day.  I cannot believe it's been a year!  With her pig tails that remind me so of her mother when she was so small and fairy wings, wand and tutu she was the bell of the ball.  She had a blast so the rest of us did too. 
All the girls received tutus, wands and wings of their own and the boys received shields and swords. I think the idea was for them to protect the fairy princesses but knowing boys and girls, it was a slightly different story.  But all had fun and Gracey most of all.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who is that bald guy?

I can't believe I forgot to post Jim's picture after shaving his head.  I am now getting used to it but the first day he did it I was not happy.  Being forewarned I got even more wound up about it.  This was a great lesson for me. 
Do I have the right to tell anyone (including the person I live with) how they get to express themselves?  Do I get to demand a defined set of behavior?  I realize now how healthy it is to allow Jim to express himself as he sees fit.  I am not proud of the fact that I had threatened him saying "I will never go out to dinner with you like that."  I swiftly took it back when I got hungry the second day.
Jim will continue this maintenance program as long as he wants.  But there will come a day when this constant shaving will get old.  In the mean time, I have come to like it.  As strange as that sounds, I have decided to like him no matter how he looks.  And he doesn't look bad.
I like the nickname one of my more demure clients called him.  It's one of my favorites and I think it sticks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting back into life...

For some time now I have carried burdens around and gulped them down as if I believed they actually would stay down. And yet they rear their head for they are unresolved and unlearned lessons that ought to be embraced instead of pushed aside. I push them aside because my limited perspective will not allow my eyes to see the entire picture. So I go to fear instead of trust.
God asks us to do things sometimes easy, sometimes crazy sounding, sometimes heart-wrenching. Why? Because He wants to see how much pain we will endure in trusting Him? Because He loves to see His children squirm? Because we have done something wrong and therefore He must chastise? No! He does all things for my learning, for me to draw close to Him, for me to learn that He is dependable and can see way farther than my limited eyesight is able.
So God told me to do something. Something painful and difficult. Something that I could not swallow. And then He asked me to trust Him. Simply trust. And wait for further instructions.
"Will You make it so clear that even my fearful heart will know when it is time and how it will be? Can I trust You that You know me so well that You know I cannot stand too long of a wait for anything? Will You comfort me as I have sleepless nights and cry tears that cannot find an end?"
God simply desires for me to recieve His promptings, accept them so we can get a move on. But I had to agonize first. Stupid yes, but understandable.
Yes, He made it clear. Yes, He surrounded me with unconditional love from those this would directly affect. I have no words to describe the love I feel for them.
And so I go forth. Like entering the fog I go where He has told me to go. He will show me my steps as they appear before me. I need not fear the rest of the path. He knows the way.

Dear George,

You came to us disguised as severely close to death. Lack of water and food made you so skinny that I cried buckets when I saw you. Because you would not eat we had to feed you for a month until we jumped up and down with glee when you finally ate on your own. So many days we wondered "What will George eat today? Will he like this kind of food? Or this kind?" Often you would change your mind about what you would eat and what you would not in the same day. But because everytime we picked you up you leaned in and let us love on you like no other cat I had experienced before. Perhaps it was gratitude. Perhaps the family that lost you already knew how amazing you were. I said many prayers for them so that they would be at peace knowing that somehow George was being loved. What was your name before you came to us? We never knew but you grew to love your name and looked around everytime someone said it. Every family has one of those that is a little "touched." You were ours. That made you even more lovable. So simple. So easy. So much.
Thank you for loving Jim so well. He is different since you came to us. His heart is bigger because of you. And mine too.
Your place is empty and we mourn that so often. We find comfort that you are not hungry anymore. We find solace that you know how much we love you.
We miss you.
Mom and Dad