Sunday, June 9, 2013

To Love a Man

I found this on a FB page of one of my friends. I love the words and desired to save them so I have posted them here. So beautiful.

Earlier I posted a beautiful, anonymously written poem called, "To Love a Man". I want to highlight this passage for a minute as I have been talking about this a lot with my soul sisters and writing the material I will be presenting in our fall retreat and future book, The Heroine's Journey:

"Look into his eyes and see there his fathers and grandfathers

and all the wars and madness their spirits fought

in some distant land, some distant time

Look upon their pains and struggles and torments and guilt without judgment

And let it all go

Feel into his ancestral burden

And know that what he seeks is safe refuge in you

Let him melt in your steady gaze

And know that you need not mirror that rage

Because you have a womb, a sweet, deep gateway to wash and renew old wounds."

There is a deep understanding here, a teaching that the priestesses of old knew and used wisely. This knowledge, put into regular action, has the potential to change the world through healing our men. We women need to understand that every man that we love is a microcosm of the world we are living in. Every man carries deep wounds and heavy burdens - not just from within his own life, but also in his DNA and his soul memory. "I love this line, "Feel into his ancestral burden." When we heal one man at a time, we are also repairing the wounds of history and ending a cycle of violence, abuse or chaos. The effect is exponential. We take a giant step toward healing the world.

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